LIVE8 - The Long Walk to Justice

Welcome back from Bob Geldof

Bob Geldof

Dear Live 8 army,

Your voice is what the power of LIVE 8 is all about. Celebrity isn't what gets people like Bono and me into Downing Street or the White House - it's you. You are the muscle that opens the doors.

Last year you pushed the G8 leaders to make big commitments, including debt cancellation for 300 million people and an extra $50 billion in aid for the world's poor. These steps are urgently needed to help end the extreme poverty in Africa that kills 30,000 a day.

We know that this stuff works. It's already helping to put millions more children through school and providing the drugs to keep hundreds of thousands of people infected with HIV leading active, productive lives.

In July, Russia's President Vladimir Putin is hosting the next G8 summit in St. Petersburg. We have to make sure that the G8 keep their promises and that real progress is made towards trade justice.

If they do, 4 million lives a year could be saved by 2010. If they don't, many millions will die of preventable disease and hunger.

Please click here now to send an email to President Putin to urge him to keep Africa on the G8 agenda.

It's not rock n roll. It's poverty.

It's not glamour or celebrity. It's death and disease.

It's not Bob and Bono. It's you and it's them.

It's us.

Thank you.
Bob Geldof