LIVE8 - The Long Walk to Justice


Welcome to the LIVE 8 Media Centre.


You can use the resources on this page, free of charge, to access information on the promises that were made by the G8 leaders in 2005, and the progress that has been made since LIVE 8.

If you have any further queries, please contact:

Katy Cronin, Media Manager DATA - 020 7747 4264

Or email:

live8 London crowd

LIVE 8 One year on EPK


For access to the large file containing highlights of Live 8 concerts, you will need to use a FTP client to visit this page. If you are experiencing problems, please email or call Niamh Byrne on 07977 002811.

For access to the ftp site, please visit:
LOGIN: live8
PASS: 1YearOn

For access to the EPK, please visit:
PASS: zd$g4&p

To download the FTP client, please click on this link, download is free of charge.

Online Resources

Here is a selection of banners you can place on your website to link to the Live 8 Post-It Action page. You can copy and paste the HTML in the text boxes below directly into your webpage to make the banners work.

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