LIVE8 - The Long Walk to Justice


An estimated 3 BILLION PEOPLE watched LIVE 8 the greatest, greatest show on Earth. They came together with one message - make poverty history.

live8 London crowd


5 days after the LIVE8 concerts the G8 leaders met. And they had heard us. Here are some of the promises that YOU got them to make:

  • $50 billion more aid per year by 2010
  • AIDS drugs to all those who need them, and care for all AIDS orphans
  • debt cancellation for 38 countries, with 18 benefiting this year
  • Free, quality primary education and basic healthcare for all children.
  • AIDS drugs for all who need them, and care for all AIDS orphans.
  • Treatment and bed nets to halve deaths from malaria.
  • Vaccinations to eradicate polio.

If these promises are kept, with no strings attached, they could save over 4 million lives a year by 2010. You personally helped to make that happen..


To ensure that their promises happen, the leaders of the St. Petersburg G8 need to take action on:


The Facts: Aid is increasing but not fast enough and with the wrong conditions attached.

The Promise: An extra $50 billion per year.

What the G8 must do NOW: Scale up to meet this commitment and to make this SMART aid – Sufficient, Measurable, Accountable, Responsible and Transparent.


The Facts: Between 1970 and 2002 Africa received $540 billion in loans. Despite the fact that over that same period, African countries paid back $550 billion—$10 billion more than the original loans—at the end of 2002 they still owed another $293 billion.

The Promise: Debt cancellation for 38 countries over time, starting with 18 immediately.

What the G8 must do NOW: The G8 have met their first commitment on this, cancelling the debt of 18 countries in 2006. 300 million people in these countries have been freed from the burden of debt. Now the remaining countries should get debt cancellation as soon as possible. The only conditions should be a commitment to fighting corruption and investing the money wisely in health and education for their people.


The Facts: There are 100 million children out of school.

The Promise: Every child in school by 2015.

What the G8 must do NOW: Fill the emergency financing gap and find additional funds.


The Facts: HIV/AIDS kills 6,600 people every day in Africa. 9 million people urgently need life-saving AIDS drugs.

The Promise: Access to AIDS treatment for all by 2010; scaling up the fight against Malaria, saving the lives of 600,000 children by 2015.

What the G8 must do NOW: Fully fund the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria so that life saving treatments reach those that need them.


The Facts: In 1980 Africa had a 6% share of world trade. By 2002 this had dropped to just 2% despite Africa having 12 % of the world's population. If Africa could regain just an additional 1% share of global trade, it would earn $70 billion more in exports each year - several times more than what the region currently receives in foreign aid.

The Promise: To help double the size of Africa’s economy and trade by 2015.

What the G8 must do NOW: G8 leaders must show leadership and commitment to deliver a pro-Africa conclusion the WTO’s Doha Development Round in 2006 – that means: 100% access for all African products to our markets; eliminations of rich country subsidies that damage Africa; serious investment in Africa; capacity to trade; and no forced liberalisation.

“You can make a difference by your actions. You may think you are powerless, but together you can be the generation that sees every child get the education that is their right.

World leaders have promised this and you must make sure they keep to it by joining together to speak with one voice. Promises to children should never be broken.

You are the future of this world and can change it for the better. You can make leaders make their promises happen.

Last year we made great strides in the fight against poverty and I’m proud of every one of you that joined the campaign to make poverty history.

Now the more difficult task begins to make the world keep its promises.”

Nelson Mandela


June 9-10
G7 Finance Ministers meeting.

July 2
LIVE 8 one year anniversary.

July 5-6
Global Fund to fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria Replenishment Conference.

July 15-17
G8, St. Petersburg.


We made real progress last year, but we need to keep the pressure up. The promises made mean nothing unless they are kept. The G8 need to know that we are watching them, that we won’t give up.

If you haven’t already done so, sign-up to be part of the campaign.

Ask your friends and family to join us.

Don’t stop wearing your white band