LIVE8 - The Long Walk to Justice


Bob Geldof

On 29th June 2006, Bob Geldof was joined by Annie Lennox, Tdjane Thiam, Jamie Drummond from DATA, and Nkhensani Mavasa in London to launch the DATA Report.  The report is an audit on how the G8 have performed on the promises they made to the world's poor last year and a road map on how they must go forward to meet targets that will save millions. 

At the same time, Bono, Will Smith and Youssou N'Dour spoke to media around the world about LIVE 8, the Gleneagles promises and the G8's progress in meeting them.

This is what they said:

LIVE 8 and the make poverty history movements around the world worked.  Because they happened last year, more people are being fed, more children have the chance to get into education and more people are receiving treatment for their diseases this year. 

But the G8 are not on track to deliver on the historic promises made at Gleneagles. 

  • There is good news on debt cancellation - the G8 are on track to meet their committments.
  • On getting a world trade deal that is good for African development, the G8 are not just off track - they've stepped backwards.
  • On aid, the picture is murky but to be on track to meet their promises, the G8 and non-G8 combined must increase their aid to Africa by $5 billion a year for the next 5 years.  France is the only G8 country on track to meet the promise*. The U.S., UK and Italy increased aid to Africa in 2005 but need to do more, while Germany flatlined and Canada actually decreased aid to Africa in 2005. Data on Japanese aid to Africa in 2005 was not available.

LIVE 8 has always been about combining political, public and media pressure to make poverty history.  The DATA report is another tool to apply that pressure.  It will monitor G8 progress annually until the promises made at Gleneagles are kept. 

Bob made it clear that the pressure's still on the G8:  "The full promise must be implemented and nothing else will do. We break that promise, we kill them.  I'm not going to let up now. I'll be banging on about it from the bottom of my coffin.  To the people who are backsliding, I say this: we are not going to give up."

To read the full report click here.