LIVE8 - The Long Walk to Justice

Band Aid Charitable Trust

The Old and The New

The Band Aid Charitable Trust was established to help relieve hunger and poverty in Ethiopia and the surrounding countries. You've seen the pictures, maybe the concerts, and will certainly know all about this year's event, LIVE 8. Twenty years ago it was the famine in Ethiopia and Sudan - now it is the continued grinding, unrelenting global poverty that has moved us to bring the issue firmly into the spotlight of the G8 leaders.

This time we don't want your cash - we want YOU.

Often people ask what has happened to the funds raised through Band Aid and Live Aid - what difference has it made and who has benefited from it - here is some information to help answer those questions.

With Love From Band Aid

Note For Live 8 Artists

Funding Summary 2000-2005

And soon after the final LIVE 8 concert we published a draft overview of our accounts for the global event to help people understand more about it.

Details of how to make a donation to the Band Aid Trust can be found here.

Thanks for your support - together we CAN make poverty history.

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